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Savings & Money Market Accounts

Whether you’re building up a rainy-day fund, saving for college expenses or preparing for retirement, Altabank has a savings account to help you reach your goals. Safe deposit options and competitive interest rates will keep your money growing steadily and securely.

Money Market Deposit Account

Pays monthly compound interest at a variable rate based on the account balance.  A $10 service charge is applied if the daily balance falls below $2,500 during the cycle.  Limited transfers to another account or third party.

Savings Account

A variable interest rate savings account that pays monthly compound interest.  A $2 service charge is applied if the account balance falls below $100 any day of the month.  The service charge is waived for account holders younger than 18 years old.


The Insured Cash Sweep (ICS)® and Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Services (CDARS)® products offer competitive interest rates while providing complete FDIC coverage on amounts over the $250,000 federal limit.


You don’t need a financial advisor to start planning your retirement; you can start at Altabank with our individual retirement arrangements (IRAs). Our IRAs are held in Certificates of Deposit (CDs), not in the stock market, so you’re guaranteed a steady return and are covered by FDIC insurance. Unlike some banks, we don’t charge you holding fees or an annual fee. Choose from two options:

Savings IRA require only $50 to open, while fixed-rate IRAs can be opened with a $500 minimum opening deposit.

Traditional IRA

Allows contributions of pre-tax income. Taxes are paid upon distribution.

Roth IRA

Allows contributions of after-tax income, if qualified. Qualified distributions of principal and interest are tax-free. After retirement, distributions are not required.

Coverdell Educational Savings Account

A Coverdell Educational Savings Account (ESA) allows money to grow tax free‡ in an investment account to cover future educational expenses. Unlike 529 savings accounts that require savings to be applied towards college costs, proceeds from a Coverdell ESA can be withdrawn tax-free§ for qualified education expenses related to primary and secondary school, including private school tuition, books and uniforms.

§Altabank does not provide tax advice.  Please consult your tax advisor or visit for more information.
Other fees such as overdraft, nonsufficient funds (NSF) fee, continuous overdraft, etc. may apply. See fee schedule for details.