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Home Buying Process

Follow these 9 simple steps when buying a home.

9 Steps for Buying a Home

  1. Get Ready 

    Get ready for the process by thinking through what you're looking for in a new home and what your ideal timeline looks like.

  2. Figure Out Your Finances

    Map out your finances for the next few years to be prepared for decisions surrounding down payments, mortgages, and home options.

  3. Find an Altabank Mortgage Officer & Get Pre-Approved

    Your Mortgage Officer will be key in helping you navigate the various steps throughout the entire home buying process. They will

      • Track the market to keep you informed on home prices/rates.
      • Identify programs, tax credits, and other factors to lower overall cost.
      • Determine your down payment.
      • Get you pre-approved and determine your monthly payment.
  4. Find a Buyer's Agent

    It's time to bring in a Buyer's Agent to help you find the best home. Not only will the agent map out your home options, they will also facilitate tours, offers, and negotiations.

  5. Create a Short-List 

    Your Mortgage Officer and Buyer's Agent will keep you in the loop on what's available in your favorite neighborhoods, and you can spend your energy thinking through the pros and cons of each home.

  6. Make an Offer

    Be prepared for bidding wars, backup offers, contingencies, and conversations about repairs and renovations. It's all part of the process, especially in a competitive market.

  7. Inspection & Appraisal

    The entire Inspection & Appraisal process takes between 2-10 days, including negotiations. This step will be critical to ensuring you're getting a fair price for the home.

  8. Finalize Your Mortgage

    The final approval depends on your credit score, the home location, home price, and down payment. Once your mortgage loan is approved, your Mortgage Officer will guide you through the formal closing process, which includes completing the disclosures, title documents, and insurance papers.

  9. Close On Your New Home & Plan Your Move-In

    Now, the exciting part! It's time to sign the final documents and plan your big move.

To keep these steps on hand through your process, download a PDF here.

Ready to Move In?

Use this checklist as a tool to help you remember to update any monthly or regular bills with your address.
Use this checklist to help you keep track of all the home maintenance projects you may encounter.