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NMLS List | Safe Act


The Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (SAFE Act) requires each employee of the bank who acts as a residential mortgage loan originator to register with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS), obtain a unique identifier number, and maintain this registration. The SAFE Act also provides that the bank must require each employee who acts as a residential mortgage loan originator to comply with the SAFE Act’s requirements. The bank must also ensure that consumers have access to our mortgage loan originators’ unique identifier numbers to enable consumers to access the NMLS registry information to obtain publicly available information on a mortgage loan originator (such as: employment history, state licensing, and enforcement actions) before committing to a mortgage loan transaction. Below is the bank’s listing of NMLS Registered Loan Originators with NMLS ID numbers which you may use to obtain loan originator information through the NMLS Consumer Access website.

The registered mortgage loan originators employed by the bank are listed below with their unique NMLS identifier.

NMLS Registry Information
Updated 05/2022

Bank #: 472212

Registrant NMLS ID
Adams, Heather 996132
Alexander, Wendy 570459
Ballantyne, Michael Kurt 1049809
Bennett, Lisa 1060468
Brandt, Greg 945981
Buck, Brandon Lindsay 776368
Buttars, Jay  1200400
Carnahan, Russell 786400
Carson, Chefin T 2184760
Christopherson, Thomas Lee 502168
Dryer, Eric 1154211
Farnsworth, Randall 1261343
Fisher, Eric 692792
Guthrie, Michael A. 596180
Hammons, Brance Justin 1695218
Hansen, Kandice Ann 774335
Hardy, Randall 652800
Holland, Nathan 565627
Ivins, Rebecca 447529
James, Robert 774462
Kappen, Kimberly Elaine 609557
Koch, Chris Albert 792579
Larsen, Jacob 1538264
Lewis, Patric Ryan 902692
Lindsay, Shannon 1551495
Martin, Matthew L. 2321157
Mather, Thomas Brady 2513869
Maxwell, Mark C. 1259245
Mickelson, David 586159
Norcross, Clinton Campbell 774468
Ortiz-Morales, Erika Rubi 2309948
Packer, Russell 1983541
Palmer, Kelly W. 447503
Rasmussen, RaVal 596218
Reyna, Abraham Joaquin 2233261
Saood, Syed 1553134
Spinelli, Michael 2334498
Thomas, Evan 2502193
Warner, Ivan L. 447510
Winters, B. Steve 447505