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Altabanking Podcast Ep. 12 - The Impact of the Great Salt Lake on the State of Utah



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Throughout the year, Utahns participate in an array of outdoor activities. You’ll find us hunting, fishing, boating, hiking, skiing, just to name a few. One of Utah’s most unique features is the Great Salt Lake. It pulls in tourism and many activities mentioned above can be participated in around the lake. It plays a significant part in Utah’s ecosystem. If we do not preserve the Great Salt Lake and its ecosystem, the entire state of Utah will be impacted.


In this episode of our Altabanking Podcast, we are joined by three panelists to discuss the Great Salt Lake. Max Malmquist is the engagement manager for the National Audubon Society, Dr. Bonnie Baxter is a Westminster University professor of biology and a director of the Great Salt Lake Institute, and Natalie Gardner is the leader of the University of Utah’s Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute. All three of these individuals care for the Great Salt Lake. They discuss the role of the lake in Utah’s ecosystem. They highlight its impact on agriculture, the economy, and wildlife. They emphasize that urgent preservation efforts require collaboration to protect Utah’s unique environment and outdoor activities. The message is clear: safeguarding the Great Salt Lake is crucial for Utah’s well-being.


In this episode:

0:00 Introductions: Our Panelists

2:25 Snowpack Impact                 

5:26 Capitol Hill’s Efforts

11:25 Agricultural Common Ground

15:30 Meters Matter

18:20 Value of a Drop

20:27 Farmers: Biologists and Innovators

23:32 Lake Ecosystems and Economics

26:42 Interconnected Communities Involved

32:05 Birds, Bugs, Bigger Environmental Impact

36:24 Saline Lakes are Disappearing

29:38 Stewardship, Not On Our Watch

43:35 What Can We Do?

47:15 Dangerous Dust

49:02 Parting Thoughts