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Altabanking Podcast Ep. 6 — The State of Utah’s Economy with Natalie Gochnour


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Coming out of a pandemic that rocked the globe, much of the world still faces an uncertain economic future. Utah, however, is in an interesting position, primed for explosive growth and armed with a deep surplus of state funds. As Natalie Gochnour, the Director of the Kem C. Gardner Institute at the University of Utah, explains, upcoming decisions by local leaders will have a rippling effect all over the state.

Times have changed thanks to the world events of the last couple of years and Utah is expected to change dramatically as well. While the situation may be rife with challenges, Gochnour illustrates how promising life in Utah could look in the near and distant future.

In this episode:

1:03 – How 2022 will be different from 2021 and 2020.

3:17 – Utah’s unprecedented job growth in 2021.

5:07 – What’s the ‘magic wand’ to fix the hiring crisis?

13:09 – Prepping for continued growth, Utah is upgrading its infrastructure.

25:28 – How Utah’s tech sector can avoid some of the pitfalls of Silicon Valley.

31:12 – Will climate shifts make an impact on the state’s natural resources and economy?

39:53 – A word on inflation.

43:09 – Final thoughts.