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Altabanking Podcast #5 - Business Planning: Year-End Tax Planning and a Road Map for the Future with Judd Austin



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In this year’s final episode of Altabanking, a business podcast geared toward elevating your financial future, Altabank’s Stan Sorensen sits down with Judd Austin, Altabank’s chief banking officer to discuss what businesses can do to wrap up the year and how to best prepare for 2022 and beyond.

Austin shares key planning tips to sustain continued growth, from the importance of laying out a long-term plan and continuously refining the strategy, to financial and tax planning and investing in the future. He also shares his insight on what the new year may bring – as COVID-19 continues to fade, supply chain and labor shortages remain, and optimism returns.

In this episode:
6:00: A look back on 2021

11:07: Planning as you turn your hobby to a side hustle, and then to a legitimate business

15:35: What businesses might expect in 2022

18:34: Utah’s Labor Market and possible solutions to the shortage

31:12: The importance of a living, breathing, and evolving business plan

35:09: The endgame – having a sound exit strategy

38:15: Lightning round questions