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Altabanking Podcast Ep. 11 — Recession Tips from a Veteran-Owned Business in Utah


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Starting a business during uncertain financial times can be a challenge. Kenny Knight, who opened his business, Rage Fitness, on the eve of the recession in 2008, knows that all too well. Still, even in a recession, and later, a pandemic, Kenny has found ways to keep challenging himself and growing his businesses, even as the possibility of another recession looms ahead.

Kenny credits the discipline he learned in the Marines, as well as the obstacles he’s faced as a Black business owner for the success he’s had at Rage Fitness and in his other business ventures. Rage Fitness has built a reputation as a no-nonsense training center, but at the end of the day, it’s “still love” as Kenny explains to Altabanking host Stan Sorenson, Altabank’s SVP & Chief Marketing Officer.

With high energy and a passion for self-improvement and helping others on their personal journeys, Kenny describes how he’s grown his business after his days in the military and another career as a truck driver.

In this episode:

0:58 – Kenny introduces himself, his background in the military and as a truck driver, and how he ended up in Utah as a fitness coach.

5:51 – 2007 was an interesting time to start a business, with the 2008 recession right around the corner.

7:40 – How Rage Fitness set itself apart from the competition.

15:57 – Kenny describes his other businesses; Salute Supplements, No Excuses No Regrets Coaching, TTK Bod Squad, and Knight’s Armor.

19:43 – The principles Kenny learned in the Marine Corps.

24:23 – The challenges of running multiple businesses over the last few years.

28:31 – How COVID forced changes and reinforced good habits.

29:39 – Kenny gives his perspective as a Black business owner.

34:06 – Have things changed over the last 15 years?

45:33 – What’s Kenny like as a boss?

47:54 – Kenny’s advice to anyone who wants to get back in shape or become more disciplined.

50:54 – Is something better than nothing?

53:30 – “Write it down!”

56:14 – Parting thoughts: Keep challenging yourself.

Altabanking Ep. 11 - Full Transcript